Law Office Organizing Services


Law Office Organizing Systems to Enhance
Productivity, Billings and Profitability


Putting business systems in place is like laying a foundation for a building: a successful law practice How well the foundation is laid will most definitely show down the road—everyone can see how your office and staff and service represent you.

Efficiency is the key to a successful law office!  Without effective office organization, law offices can frequently operate in chaotic work environments.  This can slow productivity, and create a mistake-prone environment. Other results include dissatisfied clients, missing and disorganized files, and low office morale.  All of these factors can lead to wasting valuable billable hours.  Our customized systems can increase billable hours and cut waste!  Increase your office productivity by eliminating time wasted searching for important documents, files, or even personal papers.

Our service conducts an honest review of the strengths and weaknesses of a law firm's office operations. What sets Pamela apart from customary professional organizers is that she specializes in law office organization.  Her mission is to assist attorneys and/or law firms in improving and refining procedures to enhance the firm's productivity, creating a more organized, positive and successful operation.


WHAT IF someone has an accident and is unconscious or incapacitated for a period of time, or suddenly becomes seriously ill… would anyone know what to do? What if someone suddenly quits or is terminated and refuses to provide you with pertinent information you need? Can someone step in and manage that particular desk and/or office efficiently?

No one likes to think about all of the things that can go wrong.  However, we all know too well that events in life and in the workplace do not always go as planned.  It is inevitable for unexpected events to occur, which is why it is so important to be prepared with a plan and system in place.

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?  We will prepare a Workstation Operations Manual for that particular position where at least one other person in the office will know what to do with virtually little or no downtime affecting your office.

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